Brad Ingerman opened the doors of Ingerman Construction in 1994 as a general contractor and construction manager. Since that day it has steadily grown to be a prolific contractor throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Ingerman Construction is headquartered in Collingswood, New Jersey.  This central location gives us the capability to conduct business throughout New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland with great efficiency.

To date our portfolio includes projects either completed or currently under construction with a total cost approaching $1 Billion. We have previously completed both new construction and mod or gut rehab projects for both family and senior populations   on an open shop or prevailing wage basis. 

We pride ourselves on running a highly efficient construction operation with a lean staff and cost effective approach.  Through careful management of our resources Ingerman Construction has been able to deliver a high quality product on time and on budget.

When it comes to affordable housing construction, where at times regulation and paperwork seem overwhelming, we have over twenty five years of invaluable experience.  Our staff is well versed in the reporting and documentation requirements of the many federal, state and local programs.  We are also intimately familiar with requirements surrounding WBE/MBE, Section 3 employment and certified payroll reporting.  We routinely research all documentation and payroll requirements well in advance of a project start-up holding our subcontractors and vendors in strict compliance with the rules.